A short interview with myself:

Q: First of all, do I really enjoy the process of producing captivating quality visuals? A: Yes!

Q: Do I find directing exciting for the endless and ever-changing creative possibilities? A: Absolutely!

Q: Honestly, doesn’t all the technical aspects of post production work scare me? A: Not at all, it’s great fun!

Q: Did I start working as a director and post production artist in 2005 and have been doing it since then? A: That’s right.

Q: Would I like to encourage everyone not to hesitate to contact me for creative partnership? A: So true! How did you know?!

As a director I’m fully capable of:

Brainstorming | Developing ideas and creative decisions | Scriptwriting | Pitching projects | Casting | Managing technical and creative aspects |

Producing moodboards, storyboards and technical plans | Foreseeing potential problems | Working with actors | Collaborating with crew members |

Making thoughtful decisions on/off set | Improvising | Working under pressure | Telling a funny joke | Laughing about it | Supervising production and post

production processes up until project release | Drinking coffee with no sugar (although I prefer some).

As a post production artist I know what these words mean:

Editing (fiction & documentary, online & offline, on/off set) | Compositing (chroma keying, rotoscoping, camera tracking, etc.) |

Modelling & animation 2D/3D (rigging, texturing, shading, etc.) | Motion graphics, packshot, logo & title design/animation |

Rendering, transcoding & mastering (dvd, dcp, etc.) |  Color grading (RAW, S-log, C-log, LUTS, etc.) |

VFX consulting, planning, on set supervising | Motion capture (portable system).